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Filmkar Production is one of the most state of the art entertainment organizations with high profile and most talented staff. We provide most upscale and demanding entertainment along with maximum benefits to people of all age groups and to brands in various horizons.
C.E.O Filmkar Mr Bilal Mahmood is one of the leading person of the organization.
We are an event organizer and talent promoter & management with dynamic, creative, passionate & talented young members from Pakistan and internationally. The Internal & External team is groom from different schools and universities in Pakistan such as LUMS, LSE, NCA, and Beacon house School System, Lahore Grammar School, Scarsdale, SKANS, etc.

The Founder contribute and share their experience to the groups as well individuals. Everyone in the organization have intensive experience and techniques to promote high profile shows/fashion shows and talent promotion. With a surge of energy, driven and managed by absolute determination and motivation, they are here to stay, learn and incorporate their creativities with sheer diversity.

We stay connected to events with entertainment, fashion/trend shows, music to movie nights and concerts to not only represent our people but groom their talent in various ways. It outreaches all age and elite classes through its widespread network providing not only us but also the people with new opportunities….

We have history to organized events such as Concerts, Fashion shows, and Dance Party, Recently we organized Fashion show with dance party on Happy New Year 2018. Our current year event were Fashion show with dance party on Jan 21,,2018. Feb, 14 Valentine’s Party, Apr 14, May,19.June,23rd July,14th 2018 And 15 Sep Techno Night Music Concert & Party , Happy New year 2018,Feb, 14 Valentine’s Party2018,23rd March,4th May,12th Aug,5th Oct 2018 And Happy New year 2019. We have successfully organized to bring entertainment to elite class as well brands.
Recently Mr Bilal Mahmood and Mr Muhammad Shaiq Signed Uk Based Film “Mann vs Khan”

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